On Being A Minimalist Marketer

I have been working in the advertising industry for the past 6 years. I have always taken pride on being a value-obsessed, data-driven marketer. But as I try to live a more fruitful and fulfilling life with less, the irony of working in a competitive industry that encourages consumerism is not lost on me.

Since my skill set and professional experience is limited to this line of work, I do not plan on changing my career path anytime soon. Quite frankly, I enjoy what I do—data sets, analysing consumer behaviour, dealing with numbers, and most of the tasks that come with being a digital media consultant. Yet I still sometimes find myself wondering if it aligns with my decision to follow a more minimalistic lifestyle.


When I started this journey, I was suffering from severe anxiety. I still do sometimes. But making fewer day-to-day decisions has made life exceedingly easier and less worrisome. I was never into shopping and accumulating things (except for physical books) but the conscious decision to consume less has been life changing.

I have a long way to go.

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